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Collecting Slack Communities

Do you ever feel like you’re collecting workspace logos in Slack?

I began my journey in design about four years ago. I was working on a school project and because of conflicting schedules amongst team members, we downloaded Slack to communicate between classes. A little while later, I began working on-campus as a front end developer. They had a Slack channel I was invited to join so that we could communicate between its 200-something employees. Before graduating, I started volunteering for Women & Tech and we would have online meetings via Slack about upcoming events and women in tech that we wanted to interview for our blog. After graduation, I worked at an agency as a junior designer and soon after, at PowerHub as a product designer, both places where we had office Slack channels to communicate day to day.

Now as a product designer, working in the startup tech space, I look for opportunities to expand my network and learn from my peers in design to continue my momentum of growth and it seems that every tech/design community I reach out to has a Slack workspace and dedicated channels within that space to chat about similar topics of interest. You will note that I’m a part of six (6) communities in the image above, and that’s just the ones on my desktop Slack app…I have about 3 more on my iPhone (that I’m not super active in, or keen on being kept up to date throughout the day). There’s also a few with the same app integrations, for example, the donut app: is anyone else tired of the 🍩 asking you (sometimes multiple times biweekly) if you’ve had a chance to chat with so-and-so? I’m really sorry, but they never replied or I didn’t have time or no I just don’t feel like trying to reach out to a stranger this week, and I wish you would stop making me feel guilty about it.

Now I think it might just be a designer thing because the other day, our Director of Product ask me how I had so many workspace icons in Slack. He himself only has three (3).

So I ask you, what is your field of employment and how many Slack communities are you a part of? And does it ever feel like you’re playing a game of Pokemon (ie. you gotta catch ‘em all)?