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How do you enjoy your Nespresso coffee?
Nespresso’s Grands Crus pod flavour guide

Nespresso’s Grands Crus pod flavour guide

Our office has a drip coffee machine as well as a Nespresso machine. I enjoy a cup of the drip coffee in the morning because it’s a quick cup, no-nonsense, all black shot of caffeine exactly when I need it and a cup of Nespresso in the afternoon because there is a decaf option available.

For those who enjoy a little treat every now and then, they invest a few extra minutes of the day into frothing up some milk for said Nespresso. They choose a selection from the five flavours that our office manager orders (based on history of popularity amongst employees) and proceed to select a button for amount of espresso to be dispensed.

If you are a Nespresso connoisseur, you probably already know how to navigate the difference between a ristretto, lungo, and espresso as well as what the little filled and unfilled cup icons mean before making your choices. I was not so educated in the ways of Nespresso brewing when I first started at PowerHub so I ventured into a little bit of fun research.


  • Most employees (with the exception of 1 or 2 coffee fiends) are unfamiliar with the terms ristretto, lungo, and espresso.

  • The Nespresso flavour guide is quickly browsed while coffee has already started brewing (not unlike the backs of shampoo and conditioner bottles while using the toilet - minor entertainment of no importance).

  • The filled and unfilled cup icons are often interpreted as amount of caffeine in the pod, although no one knows how much the max amount is (and what the health consequence might be from exceeding it).

  • Pod colours are do not resonate any meaning to employees here.


From these findings, I applied what I learned about Nespresso products to creating a poster that will hopefully improve consumer knowledge of the product and help them drink better coffee according to their taste preferences.

My new poster for the Nespresso Grands Crus flavour guide

My new poster for the Nespresso Grands Crus flavour guide

These are the five flavours that are available in the office. I’ve ordered them from top to bottom based on category (regular, flavour, decaf) and then in intensity level. I used a bigger font for the suggested mode of serving (compared to the original as published by Nespresso) so that it is easier to read and consumers can become more easily familiar with the terms over time. In the footer of the poster, I’ve included definitions of both "intensity” and “mode” in the hopes of educating users when they are making their important coffee decisions throughout the day. BTW, the accent colour I used is in line with our company colour (#84cf0a) to incorporate a little PowerHub branding with the Nespresso content.

What are your thoughts?