Victoria Whang | Product Designer
Victoria Whang | Product Designer


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Widgets - Currency Counter


I recently started taking over one of the walls in our Solar meeting room for user testing screens, UI elements, reports, etc. On today's agenda, we have a new widget for PowerHub Lithium: the Revenue counter widget.

Initial questions

1. What is revenue?
2. What kind of revenue do our users experience?
3. What currencies are applicable for our users?
4. How do our users understand/wish to understand revenue?

Test subjects today

1. Customer Specialists
2. Product team BAs
3. Business Development Lead
4. CEO (via Slack...he's in Montreal today)
5. Front-end Developer
6. Development Lead

I tested five (5) options of revenue widgets and learned from some of the test subjects that revenue can never be negative (-). If there is a loss, we would need a whole other type of widget to account for it and call it something other than "Revenue".

Some of the feedback I received

  • Currency symbol ($) should be very clear and visible
  • Up and down arrows look like how stock market changes are visualized and easy to understand
  • Without currency symbol, it just looks like any number
  • Positive/negative symbols are confusing, as if it's calculated against a baseline and if so, what is that baseline?
  • Some currencies display their symbol after the number
  • Implementation would take longer to display currency symbol next to the number and also have the currency code labelled underneath 
  • Revenue may not always be money, in renewable energy it may be credits as well

Next steps

  • Analyze all findings
  • Discuss results with product team
  • Narrow down implementation
  • Move forward with dev for release in the coming weeks :)