Victoria Whang | Product Designer
Victoria Whang | Product Designer


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Lifelong learning



Engraved and rasterized on 1/8" birch plywood

Ever since finishing up my MMDD program at Humber college, I've been itching to learn more always. In my field, and most fields of work (now that I think about it), technology keeps changing and I have to keep evolving and growing my skills to meet demand and keep pace with new trends in design and marketing. 

I admire people who are self-learners, who follow online tutorials and delve into new techniques with ease. I, myself, am not one of those people (unless it's a super engaging arts-and-crafts video for children). I learn much better with a teacher and a regimented outline of learning goals. I do well with structure and scheduled classes. Even in my past life, while working at a bank in Ottawa, I loved taking a figure drawing class at Ottawa School of Art every Thursdays from 6 to 9PM. Even the walk downtown to class after work left me feeling so good and accomplished, like I was super proactive and taking charge of my life.

Right now, I've got my sights set on the Digital Media certificate as well as the Fine Arts certificate at OCAD. They've got a long list of classes ranging from 3D design to wearable tech that I can delve into for the next three years or less. The spectrum is quite broad that it will keep me busy and entertained outside of my day-to-day job, which is also quite fulfilling. The courses are not quite as immersive as I would want (6 classes each, weekly) but they're excellent stepping stones should I ever want to really explore a particular subject.

At work, I practice and explore UI/UX, video, and marketing materials and tools. While that is quite a handful, it's nice to be able to experience that same level of focus on other creative endeavours after 5pm...and to have that effort acknowledged with a certificate at the end of five courses is just a lovely cherry on top.