Victoria Whang | Product Designer
Victoria Whang | Product Designer


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Interface without an interface

Last year I participated in the Amazon Hackathon with a select group of students from the Multimedia Design and Development program at Humber College. It was a brand new experience designing, collaborating, and building for the Alexa platform because it's an interface without an interface. It was a 24 hour challenge, hosted by Connected Lab off of King West.

Our group created a version of Dungeons and Dragons game and named it Alexa & Dragons as a nod to Amazon's AI. We brainstormed story ideas and designed the user experience from there. We wanted to build on the storytelling skill for Alexa and made a point to input natural and conversational language into the story architecture as well. On the side, I also worked on producing sound effects to be played at key points within the plot. The amazing developer in our group used the Alexa skill kit to code the different story options for the Voice User interface. 

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