Victoria Whang | Product Designer
Victoria Whang | Product Designer


Thoughts that didn’t make the cut on my Medium page

Growth of VR...what about AI?

User experience is constantly changing. In this year's FITC, there's a number of speakers in UX who will cover designing beyond the traditional interface. I feel incredibly lucky to be a part of Women && Tech which gives me the opportunity to even interview a couple of speakers, one on one, and ask all of the questions I have about designing for users in the future...dare I say, now?

I was just reading an article in Variety about virtual reality growing and changing the entertainment industry in the next few years. Location based VR is forecasted to change shopping experiences as well, which makes me wonder about my project on Kirk, the CF chatbot. What about location based AI? Does that make sense? Is that a thing? By walking through a Cadillac Fairview shopping centre, can we have a chatbot activate and come to life as a personal shopper/shopping buddy for us and connect us to promotions, events, and items using real-time inventory data?

Would be cool. If any developers are reading this, hit me up. I'd love to collaborate.

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